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With the expansion of glass tile industry, the prices have come down, while the selection of color, quality and design has gone through the roof.
Currently, instead of simply tiling the backsplash, the entire bathroom walls or shower stalls are being done quite elegantly with glass. There is a degree of perfection that only glass can achieve, while no other material is as versatile as glass is. Earlier glass was being used only by the fancy hotels and restaurants, now it's becoming the latest in tile design trends in modern homes.

Glass comes in so many finishes from glossy to flat and the range of color choice is endless. Sometimes the most challenging part of integrating glass tiles into your bathroom tile design is settling on a style from all the choices available. Classy Glass Tile

Glass bathroom tile designs do not require being full wall installations either. One can get astounding results when used as accents. The glass can be used to accentuate marble walls, which looks exquisite and unique.

Another way to make a bathroom standout is by adding glass accents to granite countertops or to the limestone slabs. Bathroom vanities look charmingly attractive with the glass accents, including the looking glass frames. The latest trend also includes complete shower enclosures made of glass, or you can have a complete partition made up of glass. The choice is absolutely of the home owner.

This is due to the feature that makes it a great material to work with, that is its flexibility. Glass can be used in your bathroom tile designs where other materials won't work. Glass tiles can be installed around mirror frames, on round columns, on curved structures like tubs or walls. Beautiful mosaics can be made entirely out of glass tile, especially since glass is such a versatile material and can be cut down to almost any shape or size.
Glass tile adds a natural yet sophisticated touch to any room and the wide range of colors available can be a welcome addition to nearly any design space.

Yet another advantage with glass is that there is no limit to the available thickness. Glass can be produced in any size and gauge desired, so whatever may be the requirement, glass can be fabricated in the required size, shape and thickness, unlike other products which have a limited flexibility in this aspect.

The best part about glass is that it is probably the most environment friendly material available in the construction and remodeling supplies, as it is produced from 100% recycled materials.

So when it comes to selection of material it can be very conveniently said that glass has an edge over other materials being used in bathroom tile and other accessories.

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